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Submitted on
December 6, 2007
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FinePix Z10fd
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Dec 6, 2007, 5:42:54 PM
Cuff Bracelet -Love- by Hatsuharurocks Cuff Bracelet -Love- by Hatsuharurocks
This is an aluminum cuff bracelet i made in my jewelry class.
I need to take it back to class again so i can hammer out a kink in it from the design and buff it shiney again.

I don't like the top right image, it turned out different than the other two...

Anyways, It has the japanese kanji for love, along with flowing lines and a few hearts. My Teacher loved mine and said it was the best she had seen anyone make this year.

I got a 45/50 on this. I got docked 5 points for forgetting to stamp my maker's mark on the inside before i bent it, and then i didn't wan't to flatten it out again to add my mark in fear of it weakening or breaking my bracelet because of my design.

Anyways, i hope you like it. =3 please let me know if you might be interested in buying, if you are i might be able to coax my mom into letting me sell jewelry and do commissions over DA. Also, any price estimates would be nice, let me know what you would pay for this.
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depending how much you charge... I personally would be interested in buying this. 0.0 I lvoe it, you did EXCELENT WITH IT!

what type of classes are you taking and where? is it like a class at a local community college, in your own school..... seriously WOW!
>w< *currently learning japanese also*

I'd only charge for time and materials if you'd pick up any shipping costs.
It would probably take me about an hour and a half to three hours max to make another bracelet like this (i don't think i can part with the original anymore ^w^; ) But i can easily make a second one.

How much would you be willing to pay for one? (and where do you live?)

Its just a class at my high school. I'm currently taking my second semester. I'm also taking it all year next year so i can complete the course and get some sort of certification (i forget exactly what its called.)

In any case, thank you so much for showing interest in my jewelry ^w^ lately i have been feeling like its nothing special, but i landed a commission that i recently finishied, and now you are interested in buying. It makes me so happy!(>w< sorry, i am a bit of a spazz)
For such a wonderful original i would pay up to $20 for the braclet plus what ever it would take to ship ^_^

its sooooo cool!

I live in Arden, North Carolina (few miles south of Asheville)

if the materials cost more then that i'll paymore ^_^ its just toooo awesome not to have! <3
Meh, its aluminum. ^w^ cheap enough, and you are paying for shipping, so no worries on that. 20$ is what i was thinking too.

I just need to talk to my mom about it. I'm sure i can work something out. ^w^ i am excited!
SWEET! thank you very much! yayayayayayayay!
I need to know your wrist size so that i can make it the right size.

and if you like i could do a different design for you, like if you have a favorite kanji or something. ^_^ something special and meaningful to you.

If not then i can do the same design.

My mom gave the ok. Do you have pay pal or something?
Yes I have paypal... ^_^ best way to pay for stuff.
^_^ allright. How do you want to ship it? Regular mail would be cheaper...but i think using UPS or some other shipping service would be safer. lol
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actually i love that one that you made as it is... design kanji and all. i think that's why I love it soo much.

its meant to be "loved" :p

as far as my wrist size... i gotta get a measuring tap real fast... kk... my wrist size mark for mark is exactly 6 inches at its smallest part (right at the bone... )

._. i didn't think my wrist was that small.. LOL
^_^ okay. I have to get caught up in my jewelry class, but that shouldn't take longer than a week at best (i'm a fast worker) I'm a project and a half behind from working on my last commission ^w^ which i am making the final exchange with my buyer this Sat! =D i am so excited!

I do agree, it is such a lovely design. ^_^; my teacher said it was her all time favorite that she has ever seen anyone make for that project.
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